Sheet-pile wall of Maakri 21 high-rise building

Client: Oma Ehitus / Year of completion: 2014

Sheet-pile walls with the length of 8-14 meters were installed at Maakri 19/21 Tallinn.

Maakri 19 büroohoone sulundseina ehitus 2016 II etapp

Total volume of the work was 250 meters.

The sheet-pile wall was sunk without vibration by using the penetration method.

Maakri 19 büroohoone sulundsein I etapp

As in some places the elements of sheet-pile walls had to be sunk as close as 0.5 metres from the adjacent buildings and the impact of vibration to the building had to be avoided, a vibration-free sinking method had to be used. There was no damage detected on the buildings.